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karate for Kids

The Kids Program for 6 to 12 yrs olds consists of two parts: The Basic Program and The Advanced Program


A Black Belt can seem a little far off for a student who’s just beginning, so we have developed the Basic Program to help your child to build a strong foundation in Karate. Our Basic Program is designed to introduce your child to some of the fundamentals of Shotokan Karate while having fun learning a martial art.

The program is designed to take you from WHITE BELT through ORANGE BELT.                                               

Your child will learn the fundamentals of striking, blocking and kicking. He will learn different Kata (forms) for each belt level. Throughout each class he will gain better physical fitness and flexibility and develop healthy habits as well as improved body posture, balance, coordination. and endurance.

Our Basic Program will offer emotional, mental and social development. While your child is learning to defend himself, he will gain confidence, learn respect, improve cognitive functioning, lower anger and anxiety and build a new social outlet.

When you become a yellow belt you will begin sparring and learn how to safely and effectively utilize the basic techniques taught in Karate.

You will earn stripes on your belt  based on your attitude, attendance, commitment, and skills acquired. When ready you will qualify for a belt promotion.

When you are ready to advance in rank from an orange belt to a blue belt you will enter our main program - the Advanced Course.


This program is designed to provide you with the skills and training to take your karate to the next level.

Becoming a Black belt is about the ongoing pursuit of excellence. Long term progress comes from our commitment to training ourselves for health and well-being over a longer period of time.                                                                   
You will be training with other serious and committed students in every single class so you will have the platform to progress at a much faster rate.

You will be exposed to our Black Belt Course Training Curriculum which is designed to bring out the best in your skills.
You will learn more advanced karate techniques such as punching and kicking combinations, footwork, fighting skills, higher skilled katas with their applications and more intense sparring.