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208-52 Cross Island Parkway 

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208-56 Cross Island Parkway, Bayside, NY, United States

​​basic KARATE for toddlers 

AGES 2 1/2 to 5

Basic Karate for Toddlers is specifically designed for young ones ages 2 1/2 to 5.

Channel your child's energy through this fun approach of learning the basic skills of karate.

self defense

AGES 13+

Our self- defense class focuses on practical application of techniques for defending oneself. 

​An intense cardio & strength training workout that incorporates striking, take-downs & judo grappling techniques.

teen/Adult programs


karate for t​eens & adults

AGES 13+

All ranks train together to practice basics, kata and sparring.

You will learn karate techniques such as punching and kicking combinations, footwork, fighting skills and self defense applications.

karate for kids

AGES 6 to 12

Juniors develop the fundamentals of self defense through karate while enhancing physical fitness, emotional, mental & social skills in the Basic Program - White to Orange Belt.

The next level of progression takes students from Blue to Black Belt as they enter into the Advanced Program.