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208-56 Cross Island Parkway, Bayside, NY, United States

The Karate for Teen and Adults is for 13 years olds through adults of all ages. All rank levels train together whether you are a beginner white belt of any age or a senior black belt that has been training for 40 years. The program will take you from white belt to advanced black belt. You will enjoy the comraderie with your fellow dojo brothers and sisters as you embark or continue on your journey of the study of Shotokan Karate.

While this may seem intimidating to a beginner this custom has been followed since 1967 when Sensei Miyazaki opened his first school. White belts have the advantage of learning from the best of the best while our higher belts have an opportunity to keep honing their skills while sharing their own expertise. Beginners will soon realize that they are secure and confident in their new environment. You will be surprised by your new abilities to defend yourself.

Similar to our children’s program our white to orange belts will be focusing on learning the basic fundamentals of Shotokan Karate such as blocking, striking and kicking as well as learning different Kata (forms) for your belt level.  Throughout each class you will gain better physical fitness and flexibility and develop healthy habits as well as improved body posture, balance, coordination and cardio endurance.

You will be getting into the best shape of your life from this intense workout developing muscle tone and losing unwanted weight while learning the art of self defense through karate.

As you advance in rank you will find your skills taking you to new levels. You will learn more advanced karate techniques such as punching and kicking combinations, footwork, fighting skills, higher skilled katas with their applications and more intense sparring.  You will practice many combinations of skills both individually and with partners. You will learn how to analyze forms to best use them in a practical situation. More importantly, you will experience life changing benefits that take you far beyond your physical being. The character building traits you develop will help you in all aspects of your life. You will learn a deep sense of self-discipline and respect and be able to face challenges with a positive attitude.

​karate for Teen & Adults